Wallace Bill to Require Implicit Bias Training for Educators Moves to Senate


SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Legislation introduced by state Rep. Litesa Wallace, D-Rockford, which would require school districts to train personnel on implicit racial bias, has passed the House and now heads to the Senate for consideration.

“Unfortunately, biases that are based on a student’s cultural background do exist in schools around our state and our country,” Wallace said. “This can have a negative impact on the education and development of a child, which is why this legislation aims to build greater awareness of the issue and help to prevent actions that can hurt development in the classroom.”

Wallace’s House Bill 3869 would require school boards to develop training for personnel that would explain implicit racial bias, develop cultural competency and assist ways to reduce bias. Implicit racial bias is defined academically as a preference, either positive or negative, for a racial or ethnic group that exists outside of an individual’s awareness.

“Every child should have the opportunity to grow and learn in an environment that respects and treats them fairly, regardless of the background they come from,” Wallace said. “While we cannot fully eliminate biases, we need to make sure we are doing all that we can to be aware of them and work to reduce them. This bill will help to do that.”

For more information, please contact Wallace’s constituent service office at 815-987-7433 or at


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